Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Minecraft Cake

I get an F for blogging this summer! I had the very best intentions.

Summer had arrived, and I was so excited about the opportunity to get some extra morning shut eye. I would not have to get up every morning so early to get Samuel out the door for school. With this extra time, I would be able to stay up much later at night and spend some quality time crafting, scrapping, and blogging ALL summer long. My plan didn't exactly go as planned. Figures! It has been a wonderful summer, but my time has been spent on making special memories with my boys...just not as much time on preserving them on paper. Over the next few posts, I do have a few crafty things to share from the past few weeks. 

For starters, my baby boy who was *just* born yesterday turned 7 this summer. Mr. Time, please slow down. For realz! Samuel wanted a Minecraft cake SO bad. I had to take a Minecraft "crash course" to figure out what makes Minecraft -  Minecraft. I've never played the stinkin' game. This wasn't my favorite cake to make. Squares just don't excite me too much, but I made it as whimsy as I could possible squeak by with. Samuel was thrilled with it, and so of course, a happy son makes a happy mama!

We had Samuel's party at a gymnastic's center.

Gag! I don't even want to know what lurks beneath these germ-infested foam blocks!

The kids had a blast. My 38 year old kid had the most fun though. :)

Jack turns 5 in a couple of weeks. He wants a sports cake. I started brainstorming ideas and showed him some pictures of sports cakes to see what he really wants. He loved the cakes. He was adement about one thing though. He does not want me to make it. He wants it directly from HEB! Well alllll-righty then, buddy!