Saturday, June 25, 2011

Super Mario Cake

Here Wii go!
My Super Mario fanatic son was turning five, and all that he wanted was a Super Mario cake. Super Mario cakes are hard to come by these days, and I wasn't about to disappoint that sweet boy of mine. I have never decorated a cake in my life but decided to give it an old college try. 
I found this fantastic tutorial on how to make and work with marshmallow fondant.
I made a practice cake, and with the help of the above tutorial and my good friend Google images, I created this Super Mario Cake. 

My son's only complaint was that the "fire flowers" are not supposed to be coming out of the pipes. Silly me. And did you know that the ? is not supposed to be the color white in the dungeon? How dare I!
Each cake tier has five layers of white confetti cake and yummy buttercream frosting.
This cake weighed a ton, and I am thankful to report that we got it to its destination in one piece without incident....well, I did slice my finger trying to cut the plastic dowels to hold the whole thing together, but that is another story.

 I did purchase the Mario and Luigi cake toppers. Sculpting those little gems was a little out of my league.
I sculpted this 5 Up mushroom out of Rice Krispy treats. I covered the mushroom in buttercream, and then in fondant.

I made rolled sugar cookies as party favors. Each cookie has a fondant "helping star."
The tag says:
Here's the Helping Star to say
Thanks for celebrating Sam's special day!

Sam was one happy birthday boy! Ignore my tired eyes...making his birthday cake didn't leave much time for sleep!

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