Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Wreaths

I get an F for blogging! Could this really be the first time in 6 months that I have blogged? Why yes it is, and my one reason is THIS guy:

Nathan - at 20 months
I'm still scrapping (no where near as much as I'd like), still crafting, still playing with paper and such, but my guy is FULL of life and unless he's sleeping, he is always on the go!  Nighttime falls, and I'm ready to hit the sack! It is fun to look at my tracker though and see that some people are still visiting my dusty little blog!

So just in time for Easter, here are two mesh wreaths that I worked on this season. I love mesh, and I love happy spring-like colors and decor!


So thanks for visiting! Happy Spring and the happiest of Easter to you!