Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Crafty Tidbits...

Not a layout, but some little crafty tidbits from my home.

A "pencil vase" with homemade sugar cookies for Samuel's kindergarten teacher....always looking for a good excuse to make sugar cookies - my favorite!

A literary pumpkin for a school project. Fun!

My Super Heroes...I am a well taken care of lady!

I made a "Super Hero in Training" iron on and belt for Nathan's little Halloween number this year and topped it off with a quick little shiny cape. For the mask, I just cut out a piece of heavier felt with a sticky side, stuck the green fabric on the sticky side, and cut it to match the mask. The little "Super Hero in Training" needed some masculine tights to complete his costume. This was my first time to put tights on a kid, and let me just say, what a pain! The big boys were so proud to "train" their little apprentice all night.