Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Back...

It's been a long while, but I do have a very good reason why:

At the end of August, I found out that we are expecting our third child. We could not be happier, but just as I received an awesome box of scrapbooking goodies from twopeas that I could not wait to use, the morning sickness hit. ICK! Barf! GAG! I had an exhausting few weeks, but now I am officially entering my 2nd trimester and am feeling so much better. I am itching to dig into my new supplies and start scrapping all of the pictures that have accumulated these past few months.

My sweet boy turned three.  His Car's themed cake was my 2nd time at making a cake with marshmallow fondant. So Fun!


 My big boy, Sam, started pre-k. *sniff* I have dreaded this day for so long, as it was his first time to start "real" school, but he has done remarkably well - didn't even shed a tear on the first day. I, on the other hand, was a complete mess. In my defense, pregnancy hormones were in full swing. I found out the next day that I was pregnant!

 To make room for our new little joy, Jack has been evicted from the nursery, and he is now a roomie with his big brother. Any extra time and energy that I have had has been spent on fixing their new room up. More pictures to come.

And believe it or not, when I found out that I was going to be the mother of boys, I made a decision that we would be a gun-free family. Why yes, I sure did!

Lots of summer fun pictures, back to school pictures, and now pumpkin patch pictures are calling my name. I'm so glad to be back into the swing of things!

Happy scrapping!


~Erica~ said...

COngrats Katie!! I thought by the looks of your "pinning" there might be another baby on the way! LOL! Pinterest can be very telling!! Can't wait for all the new layouts, especially if it's a girl!!