Monday, January 24, 2011


 My first Christmas layout of this past season...This is a picture of the 3 "youngest" of my family during Christmastime. Jack (my kid on the left) looks like he is about to pounce one of the babies. :)

These fabric flowers are so simple to make. I used leftover fabric from some pillows that I made for my front porch.  

 Begin with a long strip of fabric. This strip is about one inch wide and 40 inches long. I prefer more of a shabby look, and so I frayed the edge of fabric that will be exposed.  

 Sew down one edge of fabric.

 Knot the end of your thread. Sew basting stitches along edge of fabric.

 Once you reach the end of your strip of fabric, gather up the fabric into ruffles.

Shape fabric into a flower. I used a pencil to help keep the center in place. The part of fabric that is sewed down will be the center of the flower. Once you have achieved the desired look, stitch flower into place. 

Ta da! I used a large brad as my center. A button would be cute, too.
Have fun with these!